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September 25, 2020 2 min read

A woman has aspired for her wedding day since her childhood! It's the day that gives her a feeling of a powerful queen ruling the world. While her wedding dress might be the show's star, it's the accessories that give her that royal look! Like the selection of a wedding dress, the choice of online unique wedding accessories  is not easy! 

Choosing the right kind of jewelry, shoes, veils, and other pieces can be dizzying as the choices are myriad. So, if you are done with the finalization of your wedding dress, then your next resort should be accessory purchasing! If you are not able to figure what accessories to pick up for your wedding dress, then Yaniv Persy , a famous wedding dress and accessory designer, who owns his fashion house for wedding dresses and is here to help you with some tips:

  1. Let the Right Metal Clink the Right Hue!
Metals are classic! If you follow fashion, you must know that some metals look great when paired with specific colors. For instance, ivory goes well with gold, whereas silver, pearls, diamonds, and platinum makes a great aesthetic with white. Bear in mind to balance the embellishment—if you have a heavily-embellished wedding dress, go with minimalistic jewelry and vice-versa.

  1. Allow Your Minimalism Speak For You!
Everybody knows that it's your wedding; hence all eyes are going to be on you! It would help if you tried too hard to grab attention that you go overboard with the wedding dress and the wedding dress accessoriesIf you don't wish you’re styling to go downright distracting, and then follow "less is more." For instance, if your dress has an ornate neck and then drops the idea of wearing a necklace, choose to drop earrings instead. Also, while selecting the earrings, take a hint from your hairstyle what type of earrings you will choose—if you are leaving your hair open, then studs would work fine, else you can invest in big earrings.

  1. Know the Science of Veils
There is no denying that iconic bridal accessory—they range from birdcages to majestic cathedral length style. Although the choices are immense, you need to know a few things that will help you pick the right style veil when you start to choose the wedding dress accessoriesSay, if you are going to wear a gorgeous embroidered dress with no back, then prefer a sheer veil with no embellishment. You can explore Fashion House by Yaniv Persy for an exclusive wedding accessory collection.

  1. Hair Combs Substituting Veil!
Contemplate well whether the veil is your thing! If no, then hair combs and fascinators  are other ways to go about! Just choose the right hairstyle before picking up the right accessory. For example, some hair accessories go well with up dos while others, like a tiara, go well with relaxed hair. You should choose dainty accessories for thin hair as with thick hair; they won't be visible. Just be a little decisive during the choosing process.

It’s true that accessorizing your wedding dress can be a tricky job, but with the collections designed by celebrity designer Yaniv Persy, you can make the right choices. Hope these above-mentioned tips can help you in picking the best-suited accessory for your wedding dress.