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September 16, 2020 2 min read

Every woman desires of a dreamy wedding, but such weddings can break the bank. To be precise, it is your wedding dress that takes up the major share of your wedding budget. While you are available with a wider selection of best wedding gowns online, it can become overwhelming to choose the dress that can save you money. If you have a tight budget or you simply oppose the custom of spending too much on a wedding dress, then renowned celebrity designer, Yaniv Persy, has got some tips that will help you to save big on your wedding budget. Here are a few questions answered by the designer himself.

What tip would you give to a bride who is planning a simple wedding?
“The brides who are planning a simple wedding can go for minimalistic wedding dresses that are free from any kind of embellishments. It is because, in a wedding sphere, more embellishment means more money. Simple chiffon, satin, or silk gowns would work the best! Not to mention, they are fun to style and are fuss-free. Hence, it is better to look for dresses with zero or negligible embellishments.”

What’s your take on Used Wedding Dress?

“Brides dream of their wedding since they are 5! It’s only fair if they wish to wear the kind of dress they have always dreamt of! But it doesn’t mean they have to spend a whole lot of money on that. If they wish to save at least a 50% discount on the original price, then they can go for a used dress. These used yet latest wedding gowns trends can be availed in hand-me-down stores such as consignment shops or local online classifieds. Considering the current digital scenario, they can also explore online options online.”

What’s that one last piece of advice that will help the ‘bride-to-be’ save money?

“Well, I say, “Break the Monotony”! If the bride is unwilling to go for the previous options, she can go for something non-traditional! This way, she will manage to look unique and prevent herself from putting holes in her pocket that too with a contemporary twist.”

The Takeaway:

Weddings are already stressful, and you as a bride don’t want the financial burden to weigh you down. Hence, these are some helpful tips from the famous designer Yaniv Persy that will help you save money on your wedding dress so that your wedding budget doesn’t get much hurt.